Criminal Pardons

Do you need a criminal pardon?  We can help!
Have you been convicted of a criminal offense in the past? A criminal pardon can help you more easily gain employment and educational opportunities, and possibly allow for you to travel outside the country.

You may be eligible for a criminal pardon if you have:

  • Completed your sentence, including parole, and have paid any fine and/or financial penalty.
  • Completed any probation period.
  • Demonstrated that you are a law abiding citizen.
  • Completed a waiting period of:
    • 5 years for any summary offence
    • 10 years for any indictable offence.


What isn’t eligible?

If you have been convicted of the following offence you are not eligible for a criminal pardon:

  • A sexual act involving a child (Schedule 1 Offence under Criminal Records Act).
  • More than three indictable offences with a jail sentence of two years or more.


If you believe you are eligible for a criminal pardon contact us for a quote!