Landlord Tenant Board

Having an issue with your Landlord/Tenant? We can help!


The Landlord Tenant Board is used by both landlords and tenants to resolve disputes that arise during the renting of a residential space.  The Landlord Tenant Board allows both tenants and landlords to seek out legally binding resolutions to problems.

If you are a tenant you may need legal representation if:

  • You have been served a notice to evict your rental.
  • You are being accused of non-payment of rent.
  • You have received a rent cost increase that does not follow the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006.
  • You have been locked out of your apartment by your landlord.
  • Your landlord has entered your unit without prior notification that he/she would be doing so.
  • Your Landlord has interfered with your reasonable enjoyment of your rental unit.

If you are a landlord you may need Knight Legal Solutions services if:

  • You have a tenant who is not paying their rent.
  • A tenant in a geared to income unit has misrepresented information on their application.
  • A tenant has caused damage to the unit through their negligence.
  • A tenant has committed illegal actions in the unit.
  • You require the unit for personal use.

  If you are a landlord or tenant who is seeking assistance in your Landlord Tenant Board matter contact us for affordable, professional legal representation.